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It’s the most important election ever!


The 2022 midterms offer three options for individual voters to provide Congress with feedback, which are roughly analogous to a stoplight. Voting to give Republicans control of both chambers is like a red light; stop going forward (and maybe back up.) Split control is like a yellow light; adding some gridlock to the legislative process will slow things down (if that’s possible.) Finally, keeping Democrats in control gives them the green light to keep doing what they’re doing (with no accountability for broken promises.)

Tens of millions of Americans want different options, but Duverger’s law demonstrates that we’re trapped in a two-party system. Given that constraint, the American Union has issued 470 endorsements – one for every single Congressional race. This new strategy for voting will send a different message to Congress – change directions!

(All 470 Congressional endorsements can be found in this PDF.)
A car swerves sharply to take the American Union exit off of the 'Partisan Politics' highway.
If voters really want to get off the partisan politics highway, this is the exit!

The American Union is not a political party fielding candidates, but a union of swing voters lobbying Congress for pre-election passage of crowdsourced legislation. In October, Congress was offered the final version of our legislative package, the Blueprint for a Better America. Developed through a consensus-driven process and informed by national survey data, it contains more than 50 policies under three planks; end poverty, end mass incarceration, and end the endless wars.

The deal for Congress was straightforward; put it on the president’s desk by October 26, and members who supported it would get the endorsement of the American Union. It was a strictly nonpartisan offer; however, Congress refused to act. They’ve affirmed support for the status quo of tens of millions living in poverty, millions behind bars, and hundreds of billions of dollars for the military industrial complex. Accordingly, the endorsements went to more than 300 of their challengers, regardless of party.

This is how frustrated voters across the nation can reject the dichotomy of partisan politics. Rather than kicking out the party in power or keeping them and endorsing their behavior, expelling as many incumbents as possible sends a more nuanced message to Congress – the American people expect better from both parties! Even if giving the boot to roughly equal numbers of Republican and Democrats doesn’t produce any seismic shift in the balance of power, it delivers a clear warning to the political establishment; a small percentage of swing voters can control the balance of power in Washington.

A chart shows that a A 3.5% union of swing voters could have flipped as many as 59 House seats and eight Senate races in 2020.
A 3.5% union of swing voters could have flipped as many as 59 House seats and eight Senate races in 2020.

However, there were around 100 federal races which did not have a traditional incumbent/challenger dynamic, mostly where there was no incumbent on the ballot. (Ballotpedia reported that 36 Congressional elections did not include both a Republican and a Democrat, so third party challengers were often endorsed in those scenarios.) Since the American Union refuses to engage in lesser-of-two-evils politics as a matter of principle, the members voted to use the October 31 Powerball drawing to randomly endorse slates of candidates (using this worksheet) in the remaining 75 districts. The indiscriminate endorsements serve several purposes. Besides undercutting the legitimacy of the resulting wins, they create the opportunity to demonstrate political power in a scrupulously nonpartisan way.

This tactic is necessary to send a clear, bipartisan message of disapproval to Congress. Individual voters can not; only a national union of swing voters, coordinating as a bloc, can do so. Even if people across the country spontaneously voted against Republican and Democrat incumbents alike, the other 20% of races would require individual analysis, which would be influenced by (and therefore reward) negative campaigning. To break that system, we must offer a constructive alternative.

The primary goal of the American Union, of course, is not to beat Congress with the stick of electoral defeat, but to reward them with the carrot of reelection for enacting the Blueprint for Better America. All candidates were asked to publicly weigh in on October 15 if they were willing to pledge support for immediate passage of the Blueprint. Those who did so when their opponents refused (like Jack Truman in Missouri’s 4th District) earned the American Union endorsement without the need for a random tie-breaking mechanism.

Adversarial democracy is tearing our country apart, and we have very little to show for it. The American Union model of collaborative democracy can do a better job of representing the people – if we can establish ourselves as a bargaining unit that puts people and policy over partisan politics. Vote with the American Union in 2022!

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Final endorsements for all 470 Congressional races:

US Senate Race – Endorsed candidate and party

Alabama: Katie Britt, Republican Party
Alaska: Kelly Tshibaka, Republican Party
Arizona: Blake Masters, Republican Party
Arkansas: Natalie James, Democratic Party
California: Mark Meuser, Republican Party
Colorado: Joe O’Dea, Republican Party
Connecticut: Leora Levy, Republican Party
Florida: Val Demings, Democratic Party
Georgia: Herschel Walker, Republican Party
Hawaii: Bob McDermott, Republican Party
Idaho: David Roth, Democratic Party
Illinois: Kathy Salvi, Republican Party
Indiana: Thomas McDermott Jr., Democratic Party
Iowa: Michael Franken, Democratic Party
Kansas: Mark R. Holland, Democratic Party
Kentucky: Charles Booker, Democratic Party
Louisiana: Devin Lance Graham, Republican Party
Maryland: Chris Chaffee, Republican Party
Missouri: Trudy Busch Valentine, Democratic Party
Nevada: Adam Laxalt, Republican Party
New Hampshire: Don Bolduc, Republican Party
New York: Joe Pinion, Republican Party
North Carolina: Cheri Beasley, Democratic Party
North Dakota: Katrina Christiansen, Democratic Party
Ohio: J.D. Vance, Republican Party
Oklahoma (Regular): Madison Horn, Democratic Party
Oklahoma (Special): Kendra Horn, Democratic Party
Oregon: Jo Rae Perkins, Republican Party
Pennsylvania: John Fetterman, Democratic Party
South Carolina: Krystle Matthews, Democratic Party
South Dakota: Brian Bengs, Democratic Party
Utah: Evan McMullin, Independent
Vermont: Gerald Malloy, Republican Party
Washington: Tiffany Smiley, Republican Party
Wisconsin: Mandela Barnes, Democratic Party

US House Race – Endorsed candidate and party

Alabama District 1: Alexander Remrey, Libertarian Party
Alabama District 2: Phyllis Harvey-Hall, Democratic Party
Alabama District 3: Lin Veasey, Democratic Party
Alabama District 4: Rick Neighbors, Democratic Party
Alabama District 5: Dale Strong, Republican Party
Alabama District 6: Andria Chieffo, Libertarian Party
Alabama District 7: Beatrice Nichols, Republican Party
Alaska At-large District: Nicholas Begich, Republican Party
Arizona District 1: Jevin Hodge, Democratic Party
Arizona District 2: Eli Crane, Republican Party
Arizona District 3: Jeffrey Zink, Republican Party
Arizona District 4: Kelly Cooper, Republican Party
Arizona District 5: Javier Garcia Ramos, Democratic Party
Arizona District 6: Kirsten Engel, Democratic Party
Arizona District 7: Luis Pozzolo, Republican Party
Arizona District 8: Debbie Lesko, Republican Party
Arizona District 9: Paul Gosar, Republican Party
Arkansas District 1: Monte Hodges, Democratic Party
Arkansas District 2: Quintessa Hathaway, Democratic Party
Arkansas District 3: Lauren Mallett-Hays, Democratic Party
Arkansas District 4: John White, Democratic Party
California District 1: Max Steiner, Democratic Party
California District 2: Douglas Brower, Republican Party
California District 3: Kevin Kiley, Republican Party
California District 4: Matt Brock, Republican Party
California District 5: Mike Barkley, Democratic Party
California District 6: Tamika Hamilton, Republican Party
California District 7: Max Semenenko, Republican Party
California District 8: Rudy Recile, Republican Party
California District 9: Tom Patti, Republican Party
California District 10: Michael Ernest Kerr, Green Party
California District 11: John Dennis, Republican Party
California District 12: Stephen Slauson, Republican Party
California District 13: Adam Gray, Democratic Party
California District 14: Alison Hayden, Republican Party
California District 15: Kevin Mullin, Democratic Party
California District 16: Rishi Kumar, Democratic Party
California District 17: Ritesh Tandon, Republican Party
California District 18: Peter Hernandez, Republican Party
California District 19: Jeff Gorman, Republican Party
California District 20: Marisa Wood, Democratic Party
California District 21: Michael Maher, Republican Party
California District 22: Rudy Salas, Democratic Party
California District 23: Derek Marshall, Democratic Party
California District 24: Brad Allen, Republican Party
California District 25: Brian Hawkins, Republican Party
California District 26: Matt Jacobs, Republican Party
California District 27: Christy Smith, Democratic Party
California District 28: Wes Hallman, Republican Party
California District 29: Angélica María Dueñas, Democratic Party
California District 30: Maebe A. Girl, Democratic Party
California District 31: Daniel Bocic Martinez, Republican Party
California District 32: Lucie Lapointe Volotzky, Republican Party
California District 33: John Mark Porter, Republican Party
California District 34: David Kim, Democratic Party
California District 35: Mike Cargile, Republican Party
California District 36: Joe Collins, Republican Party
California District 37: Jan Perry, Democratic Party
California District 38: Eric Ching, Republican Party
California District 39: Aja Smith, Republican Party
California District 40: Asif Mahmood, Democratic Party
California District 41: Will Rollins, Democratic Party
California District 42: Robert Garcia, Democratic Party
California District 43: Omar Navarro, Republican Party
California District 44: Paul Irving Jones, Republican Party
California District 45: Jay Chen, Democratic Party
California District 46: Christopher Gonzales, Republican Party
California District 47: Scott Baugh, Republican Party
California District 48: Stephen Houlahan, Democratic Party
California District 49: Brian Maryott, Republican Party
California District 50: Corey Gustafson, Republican Party
California District 51: Stan Caplan, Republican Party
California District 52: Tyler Geffeney, Republican Party
Colorado District 1: Jennifer Qualteri, Republican Party
Colorado District 2: Marshall Dawson, Republican Party
Colorado District 3: Adam Frisch, Democratic Party
Colorado District 4: Isaac McCorkle, Democratic Party
Colorado District 5: David Torres, Democratic Party
Colorado District 6: Steve Monahan, Republican Party
Colorado District 7: Brittany Pettersen, Democratic Party
Colorado District 8: Barbara Kirkmeyer, Republican Party
Connecticut District 1: Larry Lazor, Republican Party
Connecticut District 2: Mike France, Republican Party
Connecticut District 3: Lesley DeNardis, Republican Party
Connecticut District 4: Jayme Stevenson, Republican Party
Connecticut District 5: George Logan, Republican Party
Delaware At-large District: Lee Murphy, Republican Party
Florida District 1: Rebekah Jones, Democratic Party
Florida District 2: Alfred Lawson, Democratic Party
Florida District 3: Danielle Hawk, Democratic Party
Florida District 4: LaShonda Holloway, Democratic Party
Florida District 5: John Rutherford, Republican Party
Florida District 6: Joe Hannoush, Libertarian Party
Florida District 7: Cory Mills, Republican Party
Florida District 8: Joanne Terry, Democratic Party
Florida District 9: Scotty Moore, Republican Party
Florida District 10: Calvin Wimbish, Republican Party
Florida District 11: Shante Munns, Democratic Party
Florida District 12: Kimberly Walker, Democratic Party
Florida District 13: Eric Lynn, Democratic Party
Florida District 14: James Judge, Republican Party
Florida District 15: Laurel Lee, Republican Party
Florida District 16: Jan Schneider, Democratic Party
Florida District 17: Andrea Doria Kale, Democratic Party
Florida District 18: Keith R. Hayden Jr., No Party Affiliation
Florida District 19: Cindy Banyai, Democratic Party
Florida District 20: Drew-Montez Clark, Republican Party
Florida District 21: Corinna Robinson, Democratic Party
Florida District 22: Dan Franzese, Republican Party
Florida District 23: Jared Evan Moskowitz, Democratic Party
Florida District 24: Jesus G. Navarro, Republican Party
Florida District 25: Carla Spalding, Republican Party
Florida District 26: Christine Alexandria Olivo, Democratic Party
Florida District 27: Annette Taddeo, Democratic Party
Florida District 28: Robert Asencio, Democratic Party
Georgia District 1: Wade Herring, Democratic Party
Georgia District 2: Chris West, Republican Party
Georgia District 3: Val Almonord, Democratic Party
Georgia District 4: Jonathan Chavez, Republican Party
Georgia District 5: Christian Zimm, Republican Party
Georgia District 6: Rich McCormick, Republican Party
Georgia District 7: Mark Gonsalves, Republican Party
Georgia District 8: Darrius Butler, Democratic Party
Georgia District 9: Michael Ford, Democratic Party
Georgia District 10: Tabitha Johnson-Green, Democratic Party
Georgia District 11: Antonio Daza, Democratic Party
Georgia District 12: Liz Johnson, Democratic Party
Georgia District 13: Caesar Gonzales, Republican Party
Georgia District 14: Marcus Flowers, Democratic Party
Hawaii District 1: Conrad Kress, Republican Party
Hawaii District 2: Jill Tokuda, Democratic Party
Idaho District 1: Kaylee Peterson, Democratic Party
Idaho District 2: Wendy Norman, Democratic Party
Illinois District 1: Eric Carlson, Republican Party
Illinois District 2: Thomas Lynch, Republican Party
Illinois District 3: Justin Burau, Republican Party
Illinois District 4: James Falakos, Republican Party
Illinois District 5: Tom Hanson, Republican Party
Illinois District 6: Keith Pekau, Republican Party
Illinois District 7: Danny K. Davis, Democratic Party
Illinois District 8: Chris Dargis, Republican Party
Illinois District 9: Max Rice, Republican Party
Illinois District 10: Joseph Severino, Republican Party
Illinois District 11: Catalina Lauf, Republican Party
Illinois District 12: Homer Markel, Democratic Party
Illinois District 13: Nikki Budzinski, Democratic Party
Illinois District 14: Scott Gryder, Republican Party
Illinois District 15: Paul Lange, Democratic Party
Illinois District 16: Elizabeth Haderlein, Democratic Party
Illinois District 17: Esther Joy King, Republican Party
Indiana District 1: Jennifer-Ruth Green, Republican Party
Indiana District 2: Paul Steury, Democratic Party
Indiana District 3: Gary Snyder, Democratic Party
Indiana District 4: Roger Day, Democratic Party
Indiana District 5: Jeannine Lee Lake, Democratic Party
Indiana District 6: Cynthia Wirth, Democratic Party
Indiana District 7: Angela Grabovsky, Republican Party
Indiana District 8: Ray McCormick, Democratic Party
Indiana District 9: Matthew Fyfe, Democratic Party
Iowa District 1: Christina Bohannan, Democratic Party
Iowa District 2: Liz Mathis, Democratic Party
Iowa District 3: Zach Nunn, Republican Party
Iowa District 4: Ryan Melton, Democratic Party
Kansas District 1: James Beard, Democratic Party
Kansas District 2: Patrick Schmidt, Democratic Party
Kansas District 3: Amanda Adkins, Republican Party
Kansas District 4: Bob Hernandez, Democratic Party
Kentucky District 1: Jimmy Ausbrooks, Democratic Party
Kentucky District 2: Hank Linderman, Democratic Party
Kentucky District 3: Morgan McGarvey, Democratic Party
Kentucky District 4: Matthew Lehman, Democratic Party
Kentucky District 5: Conor Halbleib, Democratic Party
Kentucky District 6: Geoff Young, Democratic Party
Louisiana District 1: Katie Darling, Democratic Party
Louisiana District 2: Dan Lux, Republican Party
Louisiana District 3: Holden Hoggatt, Republican Party
Louisiana District 4: Mike Johnson, Republican Party
Louisiana District 5: Allen Guillory Sr., Republican Party
Louisiana District 6: Brian Belzer, Republican Party
Maine District 1: Ed Thelander, Republican Party
Maine District 2: Bruce Poliquin, Republican Party
Maryland District 1: Heather Mizeur, Democratic Party
Maryland District 2: Nicolee Ambrose, Republican Party
Maryland District 3: Yuripzy Morgan, Republican Party
Maryland District 4: Jeff Warner, Republican Party
Maryland District 5: Chris Palombi, Republican Party
Maryland District 6: Neil Parrott, Republican Party
Maryland District 7: Scott M. Collier, Republican Party
Maryland District 8: Gregory Coll, Republican Party
Massachusetts District 1: Dean James Martilli, Republican Party
Massachusetts District 2: Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette, Republican Party
Massachusetts District 3: Dean Tran, Republican Party
Massachusetts District 4: Jake Auchincloss, Democratic Party
Massachusetts District 5: Caroline Colarusso, Republican Party
Massachusetts District 6: Robert May Jr., Republican Party
Massachusetts District 7: Donnie Palmer, Republican Party
Massachusetts District 8: Robert Burke, Republican Party
Massachusetts District 9: Jesse Brown, Republican Party
Michigan District 1: Bob Lorinser, Democratic Party
Michigan District 2: Jerry Hilliard, Democratic Party
Michigan District 3: John Gibbs, Republican Party
Michigan District 4: Joseph Alfonso, Democratic Party
Michigan District 5: Bart Goldberg, Democratic Party
Michigan District 6: Whittney Williams, Republican Party
Michigan District 7: Tom Barrett, Republican Party
Michigan District 8: Paul Junge, Republican Party
Michigan District 9: Brian Steven Jaye, Democratic Party
Michigan District 10: John James, Republican Party
Michigan District 11: Mark Ambrose, Republican Party
Michigan District 12: Steven Elliott, Republican Party
Michigan District 13: Martell Bivings, Republican Party
Minnesota District 1: Jeff Ettinger, Democratic Party
Minnesota District 2: Tyler Kistner, Republican Party
Minnesota District 3: Tom Weiler, Republican Party
Minnesota District 4: May Lor Xiong, Republican Party
Minnesota District 5: Cicely Davis, Republican Party
Minnesota District 6: Jeanne Hendricks, Democratic Party
Minnesota District 7: Jill Abahsain, Democratic Party
Minnesota District 8: Jennifer Schultz, Democratic Party
Mississippi District 1: Dianne Black, Democratic Party
Mississippi District 2: Brian Flowers, Republican Party
Mississippi District 3: Shuwaski Young, Democratic Party
Mississippi District 4: Mike Ezell, Republican Party
Missouri District 1: Andrew Jones Jr., Republican Party
Missouri District 2: Trish Gunby, Democratic Party
Missouri District 3: Bethany Mann, Democratic Party
Missouri District 4: Jack Truman, Democratic Party
Missouri District 5: Jacob Turk, Republican Party
Missouri District 6: Henry Martin, Democratic Party
Missouri District 7: Eric Burlison, Republican Party
Missouri District 8: Randi McCallian, Democratic Party
Montana District 1: Ryan Zinke, Republican Party
Montana District 2: Penny Ronning, Democratic Party
Nebraska District 1: Patty Pansing Brooks, Democratic Party
Nebraska District 2: Tony Vargas, Democratic Party
Nebraska District 3: David Else, Democratic Party
Nevada District 1: Mark Robertson, Republican Party
Nevada District 2: Elizabeth Mercedes Krause, Democratic Party
Nevada District 3: April Becker, Republican Party
Nevada District 4: Sam Peters, Republican Party
New Hampshire District 1: Karoline Leavitt, Republican Party
New Hampshire District 2: Bob Burns, Republican Party
New Jersey District 1: Claire Gustafson, Republican Party
New Jersey District 2: Tim Alexander, Democratic Party
New Jersey District 3: Bob Healey, Republican Party
New Jersey District 4: Matthew Jenkins, Democratic Party
New Jersey District 5: Frank Pallotta, Republican Party
New Jersey District 6: Susan Kiley, Republican Party
New Jersey District 7: Thomas Kean Jr., Republican Party
New Jersey District 8: Robert Menendez Jr., Democratic Party
New Jersey District 9: Billy Prempeh, Republican Party
New Jersey District 10: David Pinckney, Republican Party
New Jersey District 11: Paul DeGroot, Republican Party
New Jersey District 12: Darius Mayfield, Republican Party
New Mexico District 1: Michelle Garcia Holmes, Republican Party
New Mexico District 2: Gabriel Vasquez, Democratic Party
New Mexico District 3: Alexis Martinez Johnson, Republican Party
New York District 1: Nicholas J. LaLota, Republican Party
New York District 2: Jackie Gordon, Democratic Party
New York District 3: Robert Zimmerman, Democratic Party
New York District 4: Laura Gillen, Democratic Party
New York District 5: Paul King, Republican Party
New York District 6: Tom Zmich, Republican Party
New York District 7: Juan Pagan, Republican Party
New York District 8: Yuri Dashevsky, Republican Party
New York District 9: Menachem Raitport, Conservative Party
New York District 10: Benine Hamdan, Republican Party
New York District 11: Max Rose, Democratic Party
New York District 12: Michael Zumbluskas, Republican Party
New York District 13: Adrino Espaillat, Democratic Party
New York District 14: Tina Forte, Republican Party
New York District 15: Stylo Sapaskis, Republican Party
New York District 16: Miriam Flisser, Republican Party
New York District 17: Michael Lawler, Republican Party
New York District 18: Colin Schmitt, Republican Party
New York District 19: Josh Riley, Democratic Party
New York District 20: Elizabeth Joy, Republican Party
New York District 21: Matt Castelli, Democratic Party
New York District 22: Brandon Williams, Republican Party
New York District 23: Max Della Pia, Democratic Party
New York District 24: Steven Holden, Democratic Party
New York District 25: La’Ron Singletary, Republican Party
New York District 26: Steven Sams, Republican Party
North Carolina District 1: Sandy Smith, Republican Party
North Carolina District 2: Christine Villaverde, Republican Party
North Carolina District 3: Barbara Gaskins, Democratic Party
North Carolina District 4: Courtney Geels, Republican Party
North Carolina District 5: Kyle Parrish, Democratic Party
North Carolina District 6: Christian Castelli, Republican Party
North Carolina District 7: Charles Graham, Democratic Party
North Carolina District 8: Scott Huffman, Democratic Party
North Carolina District 9: Ben Clark, Democratic Party
North Carolina District 10: Pamela Genant, Democratic Party
North Carolina District 11: Chuck Edwards, Republican Party
North Carolina District 12: Tyler Lee, Republican Party
North Carolina District 13: Wiley Nickel, Democratic Party
North Carolina District 14: Jeff Jackson, Democratic Party
North Dakota At-large District: Cara Mund, Independent
Ohio District 1: Greg Landsman, Democratic Party
Ohio District 2: Samantha Meadows, Democratic Party
Ohio District 3: Lee Stahley, Republican Party
Ohio District 4: Tamie Wilson, Democratic Party
Ohio District 5: Craig Swartz, Democratic Party
Ohio District 6: Lou Lyras, Democratic Party
Ohio District 7: Matthew Diemer, Democratic Party
Ohio District 8: Vanessa Enoch, Democratic Party
Ohio District 9: J.R. Majewski, Republican Party
Ohio District 10: David Esrati, Democratic Party
Ohio District 11: Eric Brewer, Republican Party
Ohio District 12: Amy Rippel-Elton, Democratic Party
Ohio District 13: Madison Gesiotto Gilbert, Republican Party
Ohio District 14: Matt Kilboy, Democratic Party
Ohio District 15: Gary Josephson, Democratic Party
Oklahoma District 1: Adam Martin, Democratic Party
Oklahoma District 2: Naomi Andrews, Democratic Party
Oklahoma District 3: Jeremiah Ross, Democratic Party
Oklahoma District 4: Mary Brannon, Democratic Party
Oklahoma District 5: Joshua Harris-Till, Democratic Party
Oregon District 1: Chris Mann, Republican Party
Oregon District 2: Joseph Yetter, Democratic Party
Oregon District 3: Joanna Harbour, Republican Party
Oregon District 4: Alek Skarlatos, Republican Party
Oregon District 5: Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Democratic Party
Oregon District 6: Andrea Salinas, Democratic Party
Pennsylvania District 1: Ashley Ehasz, Democratic Party
Pennsylvania District 2: Aaron Bashir, Republican Party
Pennsylvania District 3: Christopher Hoeppner, Socialist Workers Party
Pennsylvania District 4: Christian Nascimento, Republican Party
Pennsylvania District 5: David Galluch, Republican Party
Pennsylvania District 6: Guy Ciarrocchi, Republican Party
Pennsylvania District 7: Lisa Scheller, Republican Party
Pennsylvania District 8: Jim Bognet, Republican Party
Pennsylvania District 9: Amanda Waldman, Democratic Party
Pennsylvania District 10: Shamaine Daniels, Democratic Party
Pennsylvania District 11: Robert Hollister, Democratic Party
Pennsylvania District 12: Summer Lee, Democratic Party
Pennsylvania District 13: John Joyce, Republican Party
Pennsylvania District 14: Guy Reschenthaler, Republican Party
Pennsylvania District 15: Michael Molesevich, Democratic Party
Pennsylvania District 16: Dan Pastore, Democratic Party
Pennsylvania District 17: Jeremy Shaffer, Republican Party
Rhode Island District 1: Allen Waters, Republican Party
Rhode Island District 2: Allan Fung, Republican Party
South Carolina District 1: Annie Andrews, Democratic Party
South Carolina District 2: Judd Larkins, Democratic Party
South Carolina District 3: Jeff Duncan, Republican Party
South Carolina District 4: William Timmons, Republican Party
South Carolina District 5: Evangeline Hundley, Democratic Party
South Carolina District 6: Duke Buckner, Republican Party
South Carolina District 7: Daryl Scott, Democratic Party
South Dakota At-large District: Collin Duprel, Libertarian Party
Tennessee District 1: Cameron Parsons, Democratic Party
Tennessee District 2: Mark Harmon, Democratic Party
Tennessee District 3: Meg Gorman, Democratic Party
Tennessee District 4: Wayne Steele, Democratic Party
Tennessee District 5: Heidi Campbell, Democratic Party
Tennessee District 6: Randal Cooper, Democratic Party
Tennessee District 7: Odessa Kelly, Democratic Party
Tennessee District 8: Lynnette Williams, Democratic Party
Tennessee District 9: Charlotte Bergmann, Republican Party
Texas District 1: Jrmar Jefferson, Democratic Party
Texas District 2: Robin Fulford, Democratic Party
Texas District 3: Keith Self, Republican Party
Texas District 4: Iro Omere, Democratic Party
Texas District 5: Tartisha Hill, Democratic Party
Texas District 6: Jake Ellzey, Republican Party
Texas District 7: Johnny Teague, Republican Party
Texas District 8: Laura Jones, Democratic Party
Texas District 9: Jimmy Leon, Republican Party
Texas District 10: Linda Nuno, Democratic Party
Texas District 11: August Pfluger, Republican Party
Texas District 12: Trey Hunt, Democratic Party
Texas District 13: Kathleen Brown, Democratic Party
Texas District 14: Mikal Williams, Democratic Party
Texas District 15: Monica De La Cruz, Republican Party
Texas District 16: Irene Armendariz-Jackson, Republican Party
Texas District 17: Mary Jo Woods, Democratic Party
Texas District 18: Carmen Maria Montiel, Republican Party
Texas District 19: Nathan Lewis, Independent
Texas District 20: Kyle Sinclair, Republican Party
Texas District 21: Claudia Zapata, Democratic Party
Texas District 22: Jamie Jordan, Democratic Party
Texas District 23: John Lira, Democratic Party
Texas District 24: Jan McDowell, Democratic Party
Texas District 25: Roger Williams, Republican Party
Texas District 26: Mike Kolls, Libertarian Party
Texas District 27: Maclovio Perez Jr., Democratic Party
Texas District 28: Cassy Garcia, Republican Party
Texas District 29: Robert Schafranek, Republican Party
Texas District 30: Jasmine Crockett, Democratic Party
Texas District 31: John Carter, Republican Party
Texas District 32: Antonio Swad, Republican Party
Texas District 33: Patrick Gillespie, Republican Party
Texas District 34: Mayra Flores, Republican Party
Texas District 35: Greg Casar, Democratic Party
Texas District 36: Jon Haire, Democratic Party
Texas District 37: Jenny Garcia Sharon, Republican Party
Texas District 38: Wesley Hunt, Republican Party
Utah District 1: Rick Jones, Democratic Party
Utah District 2: Nicholas Mitchell, Democratic Party
Utah District 3: Glenn J. Wright, Democratic Party
Utah District 4: Darlene McDonald, Democratic Party
Vermont At-large District: Liam Madden, Republican Party
Virginia District 1: Herb Jones, Democratic Party
Virginia District 2: Jennifer Kiggans, Republican Party
Virginia District 3: Terry Namkung, Republican Party
Virginia District 4: Leon Benjamin Sr., Republican Party
Virginia District 5: Joshua Throneburg, Democratic Party
Virginia District 6: Jennifer Lewis, Democratic Party
Virginia District 7: Yesli Vega, Republican Party
Virginia District 8: Karina Lipsman, Republican Party
Virginia District 9: Taysha DeVaughan, Democratic Party
Virginia District 10: Hung Cao, Republican Party
Virginia District 11: James Myles, Republican Party
Washington District 1: Vincent Cavaleri, Republican Party
Washington District 2: Dan Matthews, Republican Party
Washington District 3: Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, Democratic Party
Washington District 4: Doug White, Democratic Party
Washington District 5: Natasha Hill, Democratic Party
Washington District 6: Elizabeth Kreiselmaier, Republican Party
Washington District 7: Cliff Moon, Republican Party
Washington District 8: Matt Larkin, Republican Party
Washington District 9: Douglas Michael Basler, Republican Party
Washington District 10: Keith Swank, Republican Party
West Virginia District 1: Lacy Watson, Democratic Party
West Virginia District 2: Barry Wendell, Democratic Party
Wisconsin District 1: Ann Roe, Democratic Party
Wisconsin District 2: Erik Olsen, Republican Party
Wisconsin District 3: Brad Pfaff, Democratic Party
Wisconsin District 4: Tim Rogers, Republican Party
Wisconsin District 5: Mike Van Someren, Democratic Party
Wisconsin District 6: Glenn Grothman, Republican Party
Wisconsin District 7: Richard Ausman, Democratic Party
Wisconsin District 8: Paul Boucher, Independent
Wyoming At-large District: Harriet Hageman, Republican Party
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