Fast for Peace

Fasting in Unity

24 hours, Just Water

The Framers Fasted

The shared fast is a fast of moral pressure. The fast for peace is a political statement; end poverty, end mass incarceration, end the endless wars.

Fast on your own schedule; drinking only water during any 24-hour period mostly on the 15th. Dinner-to-dinner fasts are an easy way to start.

After the Boston Tea Party, George Washington and the rest of Virginia fasted to show support.

Take Back The Power

Grow the Union

Pressure Candidates

Gandhi’s national days of fasting showed diverse castes and creeds could unite around a shared self-sacrifice.

Invite others to join the American Union and fast for peace. When we succeed, everyone gets an American Union job.

Challenge your candidates for federal office  – Republican and Democrat – to fast for peace and join the American Union. We will be the deciders in the 2022 election.

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