About Us

An American Union of Swing Voters

A union is a group of people working together to improve their lives through collective bargaining. 

As Americans, the Constitution tells us we’re supposed to form a more perfect union in order to do five things – establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty, to ourselves and our posterity.

As voters, we can focus on policy instead of politicians. Our crowdsourced legislative package, based on Constitutional duty, contains dozens of popular policies that will improve the lives of all Americans. Using this as our metric instead of party affiliation, we can make incumbents and challengers compete for our votes. These are our terms:

End poverty with universal basic income.

End mass incarceration and the drug war. 

End the endless wars and bring our troops home. 

The three planks of our legislation focus on Martin Luther King’s triple evils of poverty, racism, and militarism. Addressing these is a worthy crusade; members of the American Union demonstrate their commitment through a monthly fast of moral pressure. 

When 3.5% of voters unite, we’ll control the balance of power in Washington. Will Congress meet our terms before the November election in order to win our support? Join the American Union by donating $7 a month to our PAC and be counted as a dues-paying member.