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01 Nov
A 2022 voters’ guide for rejecting partisan politics
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It’s the most important election ever!   The 2022 midterms offer three options for individual voters to provide Congress with feedback, which are roughly analogous to a ...
11 Aug
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One weird trick to fix America’s democracy
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Photo Credit:  Inauguration Day: “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos!” (Clip) The American Union offers a different tactic for 2022 According to 58% of voters, America’s democratic ...
04 Jul
AU july 4
The first rule of nonviolent revolution is: Do not play the lesser-of-two-evils game
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Also, talking about it is encouraged The American Union offers a nonviolent resolution to the 2022 midterms. By willingly accepting our Constitutional duties, a more perfect union ...
08 Apr
America needs to stop being ‘exceptional’ on paid leave
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America is one of the last countries without paid maternity leave. (Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash) From the second a child is born, a parent’s entire world changes. Everything...
06 Apr
Disrupting the duopoly
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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash In America, the duopoly — the Republican and Democratic parties which dominate politics — is ripe for disruption. Dissatisfaction reached recor...
05 Apr
mass incarceration
Prison reform is necessary to establish justice
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To end mass incarceration, the US needs a series of prison reforms. (Rennett Stowe, Flickr) The Preamble to the Constitution demands that we “establish justice.” Any honest look at...
05 Apr
end qualified immunity
Fixing qualified immunity
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Credit: WZZM/Rose White Last week, the US Supreme Court reinforced its support for qualified immunity, the legal doctrine that has been widely criticized for protecting police offi...
04 Apr
Applying Dr. King’s six philosophical principles of nonviolence
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Rev. Martin Luther King press conference / World Telegram & Sun photo by Dick DeMarsico. Created / Published July 30, 1964. (Library of Congress) April 4, 2022, marks 54 years ...
23 Mar
an american union
Everyone’s talking about a digital US dollar. Here’s what they’re missing
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A digital US dollar could be used to address poverty and income inequality. (Image: Kurtis Garbutt, CC 2.0 ) Digital currencies are everywhere these days. If it’s not Bitcoin, Ethe...
18 Mar
an american union blog ship
Lessons from Pearl Harbor
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Ships burn during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Photo: Wikimedia Commons After the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt said that December 7th, 1941, was “a day which...
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