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The American Union puts policy before politicians, and endorsed either an incumbent or their strongest challenger for each of the 470 Congressional races taking place on November 8, 2022. The entire list can be found in this PDF.

These endorsements are strictly nonpartisan. When you shake salt onto your food, you don’t care which particular particles fall out, you only care that the job gets done and the flavor of your meal is improved. As a union of swing voters, we don’t care which precise members of Congress will put the Blueprint for a Better America on the president’s desk and improve the quality of life for all Americans.

Accordingly, all major party candidates were given the opportunity on October 15 to compete for the endorsement, if they were willing to take up our demand for immediate passage of the Blueprint. (Learn more in this blog post.)

Incumbents were given the first chance on the American Union endorsement. They have the power to pass legislation; arguments of impotence are inadmissible! However, since Congress refused to act by October 26, challengers who joined us in demanding incumbents end poverty, end mass incarceration, and end the endless wars received the endorsements.

In races where neither the incumbent nor the challenger asked for the endorsement, the American Union can still be nonpartisan deciders. Members cast ballots from October 16-19, electing to apply three different tie-breaking procedures in the following order:

(a) If an incumbent stated support for immediate passage (but not the challenger), the incumbent was endorsed even though Congress failed to act.

(b) The remaining challengers facing an incumbent were endorsed.

(c) In races without the incumbent/challenger dynamic, the endorsement was made randomly according to the October 31 Powerball drawing.

In short, the goal of the 2022 endorsements is to kick out as many incumbents of both parties as possible! Read more in this blog post.