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The American Union puts policy before politicians, and will not be making any endorsements until the end of October 2024. Our goal is not to elect, or reelect, any specific candidate. When you shake salt onto your food, you don’t care which particular particles fall out, you only care that the job gets done and the flavor of your meal is improved. As a union of swing voters, we don’t care which precise members of Congress will enact the Trump-Biden Peace Plan and improve the quality of life for all Americans. Accordingly, all major party candidates can earn the endorsement if they are willing to take up our legislative demands: end poverty, end mass incarceration, and end the endless wars.

Incumbents get the first chance on the American Union endorsement in all 469 Congressional races. They have the power to pass legislation, and we expect it to be used. Arguments of impotence are inadmissible!

Should incumbents refuse to act by October 23, challengers who previously took up our demand that incumbents immediately enact the policy package will, to the fullest extent possible, earn our endorsement. The three planks of ending poverty, mass incarceration, and the endless wars resonate with wide swaths of the citizenry, who are hungry for solutions. However, if a challenger is successful in demanding that the incumbent put the Blueprint for a Better America on the President’s desk before the midterms, they will be expected to support the American Union endorsement of the incumbent.

If neither the incumbent nor the challenger ask for the endorsement, the members of the American Union will still be the deciders. The members will choose how it should be awarded, possibly by some random event. Imagine losing your campaign for Congress on a coin flip because you didn’t support an end to poverty, mass incarceration, and the endless wars!