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American Union Organizers accept responsibility for building the American Union of swing voters, leading this movement to end poverty, end mass incarceration, and end the endless wars. (Read more in this blog post.)

Want to help build a better America? Organizers lead by example in the moral crusade to address Dr. King’s triple evils of poverty, racism, and militarism. This includes being scrupulously nonpartisan in promoting the Trump–Biden Peace Plan; the American Union offers a safe harbor in a stormy sea of polarization. All are welcome to join the effort to de-escalate the 2024 election.

As a Kingian nonviolent campaign, organizers undergo self-purification during the 30-day onboarding process, observing two 24-hour fasts and abstaining from recreational drugs and alcohol. They lead the fast for peace each month on the 15th, and help each other promote it on social media, encouraging people to come together across the country through a shared self-sacrifice that helps seize the moral high ground. Any events or activities that they organize for the American Union are alcohol/drug free.

To help share the vision consistently, organizers get access to slide presentations suitable for using on Zoom or other meeting platforms. Different presentations offer details on different aspects of the American Union model of collaborative democracy and the solutions offered in 2024, including election tactics, the Trump–Biden Peace Plan, the beloved community, unconditional basic income, criminal justice reform, and more. Other campaign materials are available as well.

An organizer’s discussion forum offers a place to coordinate efforts, share experiences and ideas, and raise questions or other issues. Regular Zoom meetings for organizers facilitate communication and cooperation. In addition, organizers are also eligible to become delegates in the people’s legislative assembly, helping to craft the legislative demands of the American Union.

American Union organizers help raise money for the PAC, finding other individual citizens (no businesses or other organizations) willing to join the union by contributing 25¢ a day ($7/month) or more. They lead by example by donating $1 a day ($28/month) or more. After completing the onboarding process, organizers can earn commissions on any fundraising that results from their efforts (as long as they are in good standing) or let it roll over into the PAC.

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