How We Will Win

Not left, not right, but forward

Ending the two-party stranglehold

Swing voters.

Political candidates know they need swing voters to win.

The math is simple – 35-45% of the votes will go Republican, 35-45% will go Democrat, and the swing voters in the middle are the deciders.

The Phoenix Congress is organizing a block of swing voters – an American Union – who will vote across party lines in order to advance our MLK-inspired legislative agenda. When 2-3% of adults join our union, we’ll have a block of five million swing votes, which no party seeking power will be able to ignore in any close race.

The American Union will be the deciders.

In the past, third parties have tried to break the stranglehold on America’s electoral system, but without success. The two parties have dominated for 160 years and don’t plan to give up their power anytime soon.

We can do better and beat the entrenched parties at their own game. (More details in this Medium article.)

Together, the American Union can give career politicians an ultimatum: support the American people by enacting our Blueprint for a Better America or lose your elections.

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