How We Will Win

Swing voters.

Political candidates know they need swing voters to win.

The math is generally simple – 35-45% of the votes will go Republican, 35-45% will go Democrat, and the swing voters in the middle are the deciders.

As a block of swing voters – an American Union – willing to vote across party lines, we can leverage our power as deciders in order to demand passage of our MLK-inspired legislative agenda. When 3.5% of adults join our union, Congress will have to meet our terms.

The American Union is not a third party and does not run candidates. Third parties have tried to break the stranglehold on America’s electoral system, but the two parties have dominated for 160 years and don’t plan to give up their power anytime soon.

Instead of getting distracted by WHO will enact legislation, we focus on WHAT legislation will address America’s problems. By writing clean legislation ourselves, outside the swamp of Washington DC, we can ensure the people’s interests are represented instead of special interests.

Of course, politicians aren’t known for their trustworthiness, so incumbents are expected to act prior to the November 8, 2022 general election in order to earn our votes, quid pro quo.

Republicans and Democrats turn Americans against each other, forcing us to choose the lesser of two evils. We can do better in 2022 by offering a positive vision of America to both parties, and force them to choose if they want our winning block of votes in exchange for ending poverty, end mass incarceration, and end the endless wars.

(More details in this Medium article.)

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